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I have known Kelley Nichols for three years. Kelley was referred to me by my neighbor. In addition to some other minor projects, I hired his company, KELBUILDS Construction & Remodeling, to remodel my master bathroom this past summer. I gave Kelley a key to the house so that he could come and go as needed because he is a trustworthy person. He did an excellent job and I think added a lot of value to the house. I would recommend Kelley to anyone who is looking for a good contractor to repair or remodel their home.

Jeff Anderson
Los Gatos/Saratoga High School District
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Trustworthy and beautifully done work. I give my highest recommendation for the work of Kelley Nichols. He installed my new bathroom cabinet and managed the customization of the beautiful granite countertop. He also installed a faucet I had fallen in love with in an older bathroom that needed a customized fitting.

I was thrilled with the textured European wall texture and painting in my entry way an hall.

Kelley often assists in the selection of installation choices and is able to listen and understand exactly the look I am trying to achieve from kitchen to bathroom to main living area. He combines technical skill with artistic sense.

Sara Darnley

Over the last year Kelley Nichols has managed various projects at my home including outdoor deck restoration, woodwork, plumbing, and spa installation. Kelley comes up with creative solutions to problems and he demonstrated this when he developed a unique idea to construct a fence in my backyard using rebar and wire. It was a design I would never have thought of and my friends regularly comment on how much they like it.

Beyond his wide ranging skill set, Kelley is someone whom I trust to do high quality work with a mindful eye on managing cost.

Ultimately, you want someone you can trust when you allow them access to your home and, for me, Kelley is that person.

Thomas Paine

Kelley Nichols has been a long term friend with me and my family. When he first started his business my family employed his services to apply a new coat of paint to the entire 6 unit complex of apartments we owned. He did the job quickly with zero defects with no over-spray or missed edges. He has shown his talents in several other smaller projects that turned out as they had looked when new. I would trust him with any project I needed to be done from a bathroom rebuild to a newly constructed building. I would be willing to verbally endorse Kelley's talent and he can make my contact number available to anyone contemplating using his services.

Michael K.

I have hired Kelley Nichols as a general contractor over the past year, to do a wide range of work, some on a very tight schedule. He does outstanding work, is detail oriented, efficient, and cares about the quality of his work. He communicates well, is always on time, and can be counted on even as changes occur, as well as last minute rush jobs. He is able to multiplex and fit us into his schedule as soon as possible. I would highly recommend Kelley. He is a pleasure to work with. It is great to have found a dependable contractor with a wide variety of talents!

Ginny Murray - Saratoga, CA

Kelley has helped me around the house for the past 4 years on a variety of projects.

Some of his larger projects have included designing and building a mantel above my fireplace, running a gas line and laying tile in my laundry room.

I have found him friendly, reliable and efficient and can highly recommend him.

Anne S

Kelley came to our house for a garage remodel back in 2007 and really helped us through our project. He was friendly and communicative throughout the entire process. He was always reliable, punctual and above all very easy to communicate with. We were first time homeowners and he respected that. He was honest and that meant a lot to us. He did not cut any corners. It was a top notch job. We still appreciate the great work he did improving and updating our garage everyday.

Alicia Parke

While I haven’t know Kelley Nichols long or on a real personal level, I feel I can give you a good sense of what kind of man he is. I know Kelley more on a professional level as he remodeled our kitchen this past summer and I spent many hours with him during the remodeling process. This remodel was a huge undertaking and I found him to be very considerate of my property and my feelings. He is a hard worker and went above and beyond to keep the work area clean and safe and did what he committed to do. Kelley is also a man of strong faith and integrity and he cares deeply for his children and family. Therefore, I have no reservations about providing a letter of recommendation for Kelley.

Barbara Bailey